Sourcing from China

China can offer opportunities to source high quality products at a very competitive cost. Getting the benefits requires knowledge of the market conditions, supplier practices and the processes involved. This course will cover the main steps, from finding suppliers to maintaining long term supply, identify the methods and actions that lead to success, and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Content and Delivery

Prepared and delivered by experienced CBBC staff, this course breaks the buying processinto key stages, looks in detail at each of them, identifying best practice and how tomanage risk:

  1. Background, where to use China, and where to consider elsewhere
  2. Identifying suppliers, the main routes, pros and cons
  3. Validating suppliers
  4. Specifications and contracts
  5. Negotiation
  6. Payment methods
  7. Quality management
  8. Control and communication
  9. Managing long run prices and security of supply

Delivered content is approximately 2 hours, we recommend allowing 3 hours total for interaction and Q/A.

What does the training include?
The training includes a detailed, interactive presentation by a senior and experienced CBBC staff member, with backup handouts and workbook in hard and pdf format.It will use PowerPoint and assumes that you have a suitable room and projection facilities (alternatively CBBC can provide these at a cost).

Who is the training suitable for?
It is designed for all organisations and individuals involved with or interested in tradingwith China.

What is the cost?
Price depends on the size of the group. Please contact enquiries for a detailed quotation.
Note that CBBC corporate members are entitled to a 20% discount on standard rates.