China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report

In collaboration with Tsinghua University, CBBC presents a new report, the China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report 2016: Global Partnerships in Action, which uses real examples of China-UK cooperation in order to bring to life the true potential of the Belt and Road.

The report lists 21 examples of UK-China cooperation in Europe (UK, Romania, Russia), the Middle East (Iraq), Asia (Pakistan, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia) and Africa (Nigeria, Tanzania) on projects worth more than US$27billion. 

It includes case studies from some of the UK’s most renowned companies such as HSBC, BP, LME, Linklaters and KPMG – demonstrating the complementarity of UK and Chinese expertise across the globe.

Chinese companies are bringing capabilities to infrastructure projects across Asia,  Africa and Europe, but entering into unfamiliar, challenging and often risky business and geographical environments is a scenario which plays well to the expertise of UK firms. As this report demonstrates, powerful partnerships between British and Chinese companies, playing to their unique strengths, are already shining examples of cooperation along the Belt and Road.

China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report 2016 also shows how Chinese enterprises are leveraging technologies, know-how and talent accumulated here in the UK, in order to address market opportunities in Belt and Road countries. The UK connection, as springboard to international business, is providing a win-win for both China and the UK.



CBBC Chief Executive Stephen Phillips welcomes attendees at the launch of the China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies Report 2016 in Beijing


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One Belt, One Road Report

In addition to the China-Britain Belt and Road Case Studies, CBBC released a first report on the Belt and Road initiative in October 2015. To learn more and download the One Belt, One Road report, please click here.




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