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A letter from the Editor of FOCUS

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Welcome to the new FOCUS website. CBBC’s FOCUS magazine was first launched nearly 50 years ago. Over the years it has chronicled China’s changing social, political and economic landscape, and has printed submissions from Presidents and Prime Ministers, as well as some of the biggest industry leaders. FOCUS has championed our members’ successes and provided a resource for those seeking to better understand China’s business environment.
We have been busy over lockdown creating the new FOCUS: moving away from the monthly print edition to create a new, easy to use website. We will be updating the site daily with in-depth features, detailed interviews and breaking news to keep our readers up to date with the constantly evolving UK-China business landscape.
CBBC's FOCUS website has nine sections: News; Manufacturing; Infrastructure; Consumer; Technology ; Services; Healthcare; Education; and Environment - and aims to provide balanced and up to date coverage across all the major business sectors.

The FOCUS website already hosts hundreds of articles dating back several years and the easily searchable system will be a valuable resource for those looking to find information on everything ranging from policy updates, and consumer trends, to environmental challenges.
CBBC's FOCUS is accessible to all, and allows users to share articles on a range of social media platforms to further promote the abundant possibilities and opportunities that UK-China trade offers.
I encourage all members to contact me with their thoughts, comments on the site and most importantly with article suggestions, as we warmly welcome contributions from members of all sizes, and at all stages of their China journey to FOCUS
Tom Pattinson
Editor of FOCUS
Contact: tompattinson@gmail.com

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