Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed between CBBC and JD.com on IPR Protection

During the week of the UK-China IP Symposium, Dr Ros Lynch, Director of Copyright and IP Enforcement at IPO UK, visited the headquarters of JD.com in Beijing. She was joined on the visit by Mr Kiran Patel, Senior Director of the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) and the CBBC IP team. Dr Ros Lynch met with Mr Su Wang, Corporate Vice President, Chief Legal and IP Counsel of JD.com, who introduced the history and development of JD.com and the IP protection systems that underpin the JD.com platform which enable British businesses to benefit from progressive approaches to IP protection on their platforms. Dr Ros Lynch was also impressed by the new technologies and creative innovations adopted by JD.com to drive development of e-commerce business, as well as in IP protection in the age of growing consumer awareness.

During this meeting, on 4th November 2019, CBBC and JD.com both reinforced their collaboration and partnership in relation to IP protection through renewal of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement on Protection of Intellectual Property (Agreement), which was witnessed by Dr Ros Lynch and Mr Su Wang. With support from both the British and Chinese governments, CBBC and JD.com have established a long-term strategic partnership since the first Agreement was signed in 2016. Significant progress has been made in the past three years. CBBC and JD.com have together provided extensive support on IP protection for British right owners. CBBC has introduced 23 British rights owners to join JD’s IP Protection Programme, and a total of 7 roundtables have been successfully delivered to facilitate discussion between rights owners and JD.com on their IP issues. Both parties are also collaborating to drive online protection to offline enforcement against IP criminals with support from law enforcement authorities.

Through renewal of this Agreement, both parties will continue to collaborate and discuss issues pertaining to IP protection, as well as share best practice and explore proactive measures to combat and prevent IP infringement on the JD.com platform. 

Dr Ros Lynch, UK Intellectual Property Office Director of Copyright Enforcement, said that “The UK takes a constructive approach to improving IP protection online, and recognises that this global challenge can only be met through collaboration. We acknowledge the significant role that rights holders and industry play in helping to protect their IP assets, and with Government support, this is the only way to achieve sustainable progress. I congratulate JD.com and the China-Britain Business Council for their vision in renewing this important Strategic Cooperation Agreement. This agreement continues our ambition towards ensuring clean and trustworthy online marketplaces, benefitting both the UK and China.”

According to the Agreement, CBBC and JD.com agreed to cooperate to achieve a more favourable online IP environment thus increasing consumer confidence for British companies through developing industry-wide standards on “zero-tolerance” against counterfeits. Both parties will share information about the latest IP policies, and organise regular roundtables to provide opportunities for British rights owners to address concerns related to IPR protection and enforcement. CBBC will introduce more UK rights owners to join JD’s Online IP Complaint Platforms and Test Purchase Programme, and encourage brand owners to work with JD.com to develop enhanced pre-emptive measures and experiment with appropriate data sharing for offline enforcement. 

Mr Kiran Patel, Senior Director of CBBC China said “CBBC is proud of the achievements that we have made together with our partners IPO UK and JD.com to improve the IP environment for British businesses in China. IP considerations are paramount to businesses when entering new markets and developing new products. This Agreement enables both the CBBC and JD.com to build upon the platform we have established together since 2016 – providing knowledge and insight to British brands, sustained platforms dialogue on IP issues and a reinforcement of our joint commitment to tackle sales of counterfeit goods.”

For more information, please contact: 

Nora Zhang
Deputy Director, Business Environment & IP
China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) 

About the UK-China IP Symposium and IPO UK: 

The UK-China IP Symposium was held on 1st November by the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO UK) in conjunction with the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) on bilateral engagement on Intellectual Property (IP) policies and improvement of the IP protection environment. Since the establishment of the partnership between IPO UK and CNIPA in 1996, effective cooperation between the UK and China has deepened through both high-level dialogues and a series of initiatives to enhance the IP environment.

As the UK and China have continued to strengthen business, trade and investment links; develop strategies, partnerships and alliances; and adopt more sophisticated cooperation models and structures to address matters of mutual concern in the field of intellectual property – the outcomes of the alliance has demonstrated tangible benefits to both enterprises and people from both countries.