“High-level Opening Up, High-quality Development” - CBBC Delegation to the Expo Central China 2019

From the 17th to the 19th of May 2019, CBBC’s China Managing Director, Mr Jeff Astle, led a CBBC delegation to the Expo Central China (ECC) 2019 in Nanchang, the capital of Jiangxi Province. Representatives from leading UK businesses, such as Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), BP, AstraZeneca, Swire, KPMG, and the UK-China Venture Capital Association, joined a series of events during the ECC.
At the ECC, Jeff Astle and representatives attended a meeting with Vice Premier Mr Hu Chunhua. Jeff Astle represented UK businesses with the delivery of a speech and raised five relevant questions in an effort to address common problems that UK businesses meet in China. The questions raised focused on the following topics: government procurement of medical consumables, alternatives for animal testing, whether foreign banks could be granted quotas in the qualified domestic institutional investor (QDII) programme, bad faith trade mark applications, and the energy sector.
CBBC’s China Managing Director, Mr Jeff Astle, with delegates attending the ECC

Vice Premier Mr Hu Chunhua at the Syposium with Foreign Invested Enterprises during the ECC

Jeff Astle and representatives attended a meeting with Vice Premier Mr Hu Chunhua during the ECC

In attendance at the meeting with the Vice Premier, and answering the delegation’s questions, were:
  • Mr Zhong Shan (Minister of MOFCOM);
  • Mr Yi Lianhong (Governor of Jiangxi Province);
  • Mr Wang Zhijun (Deputy Secretary of the State Council, Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology);
  • Mr Yu Xinrong (Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs);
  • Mr Wang Shouwen (Vice Minister, MOFCOM);
  • Mr Lu Min (Vice President of Bank of China, Vice Director of General Tax Bureau, Party member of the Ministry of Science and Technology);
  • Mr Su Wei (Deputy Secretary, National Reform and Development Commission);
  • Mr Han Yi (Chief Engineer, General Administration of Market Supervision).

CBBC’s delegation, which included Dr Xiaoping Yang (Chairperson, BP China), Dr Li Jie (Executive Vice President of Government Affairs and Liaison Office, Jaguar Land Rover), Mr Titus Diu (Director and Chief Representative China, John Swire & Sons China), Mr Laurence Huang (Vice President, AstraZeneca China), and Ms Yu Ying (Partner, Government and Public Service, KPMG), also attended the “Dialogue with Mayors” event with seven mayors from the cities of Nanchang, Wuhan, Hefei, Taiyuan, Loudi, Shangqiu, and Ganzhou attending. Mr Liu, Director of the China Investment Promotion Agency hosted the meeting, and CBBC, AstraZeneca, and BP provided comments regarding how to develop investment environments, as well as challenges met by each industry in Central China. Mr Liu appreciated CBBC’s contributions and thanked CBBC for providing feedback to foster and promote the successful development of Central China.

Dr Xiaoping Yang, President of BP China

Mr Laurence Huang, Chairman of AstraZeneca China

The delegation led by CBBC also met with Anhui provincial Vice Governor, Mr Zhou, Hubei provincial Vice Governor, Mr Zhao, and Nanchang Municipal Government Vice Mayor, Ms Long, separately. They each provided key information on their respective regions and opportunities to develop within these, and CBBC delegation members were briefed at each meeting about business engagement and planning projects.

Dialogue between officials and ECC attendees