Exclusive CBBC Webinar with HE Mr LIU Xiaoming

On 5th May, we were delighted to welcome HE Mr LIU Xiaoming, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in the United Kingdom, as guest speaker for an exclusive CBBC webinar.

During this webinar, the Ambassador shared the latest updates from China with regards to COVID-19, as well as observations on current and projected UK-China bilateral relations, and his thoughts on mutual aspirations following the global recovery from COVID-19.

CBBC Chair, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles made the opening remarks for the event – welcoming attendees and introducing the Ambassador.  

Following this, the Ambassador made his opening remarks.  He acknowledged the threat that COVID-19 poses to society and the public health crisis that this pandemic poses to countries across the globe. The world is going through a period of profound change and the international community must stand strong to mitigate the impact of COVID-19, he said. 

The Ambassador emphasised China’s efforts to contain the virus. With the country being the first to report COVID-19 to the World Health Organization, and having taken extensive measures to contain and control the outbreak: he stressed that China has acted responsibly and with transparency in regards to the virus. He also emphasised the work that China has done to aid the international community: with China having sent 19 medical teams to 17 countries, and providing equipment to those in need worldwide.  

He stated that only solidarity and a collective response amongst the global community can ensure that we successfully overcome COVID-19. The UK and China have worked hard to ensure strong collaboration throughout the pandemic, with Xi Jinping and Boris Johnson undertaking two calls to discuss the crisis, and other key UK and Chinese politicians also communicating regularly. 

Mr LIU stressed the importance of avoiding divisions in response to the pandemic, and highlighted the value of multilateralism and cooperation under the G20. He spoke of turning crises into opportunities, and as China’s economy takes the lead in global recovery there will be many opportunities available; with China remaining an important powerhouse of the world’s economic growth. In particular, the field of technology has huge potential for growth in the future. As China pursues economic growth there will also be opportunities in the form of pilot Free Trade Zones, potential Free Trade Agreements, and key upcoming expos and events which are open to the global community. Collaboration in the field of public health will also be essential to safeguard global peace and stability. The pandemic presents the opportunity to build a ‘Healthcare Silk Road’, which can facilitate global logistics, collaboration and trade within this area.  

Following Mr LIU’s opening remarks, Sir Sherard posed a number of questions to the Ambassador on behalf of the webinar’s audience. Amongst these, Mr LIU addressed the concerns of those in the Higher Education sector, stressing the importance of academic collaboration between the two countries, and detailing China’s initiatives to assist Chinese students in the UK during this challenging time. He emphasised the opportunities that remain within the sector and its long-term positive outlook. 

The Ambassador also noted the presence of preferential measures for UK businesses to trade in China, and encouraged cooperation and collaboration between the two countries (and the wider global community) particularly in regard to Healthcare and Life Sciences, Digital & Technology, and Environmental Protection & Sustainability. 

Sir Sherard concluded the webinar, thanking the Ambassador for his time, and noting that now, more than ever, we must understand one another, and if we can do so successfully, we will benefit from rich opportunities, exchange and collaboration. 

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