China International Fair for Trade in Services

The China International Fair for Trade in Services (“CIFTIS”) will commence at the China National Convention Centre on Friday (4th September) with President Xi Jinping expected to attend the opening summit. This year's CIFTIS will run until 9th September with over 17,000 companies expected to attend the fair both in person and online. Learn more about it here:

What is CIFTIS?

CIFTIS is China’s premier trade fair for services, with deals worth US$ 105 billion (RMB 725 billion) inked during last year’s event. It comes at a crucial time for the global services industry as the world recovers from Covid-19 and businesses are finding new and innovative ways to best deliver their offerings. This year’s CIFTIS will include a wide range of events and conferences run by municipal and provincial governments from across China, as well as by think tanks and key in-market enterprises. There will also be around 2,000 businesses exhibiting their services onsite and another 4,000 exhibiting online.

The agenda for this year’s event can be accessed here.

Why is CIFTIS important? 

CIFTIS is an opportunity for businesses to engage with government stakeholders, for China to exhibit its own strengths and ambitions for the service sector, and for international service companies to announce deals with local partners. As China continues its transformation from a manufacturing-based economy to a services-based one – with trade in services now accounting for 53.9% of China’s GDP – CIFTIS aims to help further promote this transition.

Who will be there?

This year’s CIFTIS will host as many as 90,000 guests from 148 different countries and regions, including senior representatives from government and policy think tanks. Throughout the six days, attendees will be able to take part in the four summits and 134 forums covering a wide range of topics, including specific industries and broader themes such as the BRI and technology innovation.

For a list of exhibiting booths click here

How can I attend?

Businesses and individual visitors can register online for free on the official CIFTIS website, with no limit to the amount of events that they can attend. Once reservations are confirmed, attendees will be given a QR code that they must show at each venue entrance, alongside their ID (Chinese ID or passport) and health app (Jiankang Bao or Health Kit).

Visitors can attend the trade fair either in person or online by registering on the webpage here.

How can I find out more?

For more information, visit the main page of the official CIFTIS website here.