CBBC Holds Exclusive Members Webinar with Richard Burn, Former HM Trade Commissioner for China

On Tuesday 26th May we were delighted to welcome former HM Trade Commissioner for China, Richard Burn to speak at a webinar exclusive to our members. Richard was appointed HM Trade Commissioner for China in 2018 leading the Department for International Trade (DIT) in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao. His professional career has been focused on helping businesses of all sizes generate commercial value through improved market access, particularly in China.

The webinar began with Matthew Rous, Chief Executive of the China-Britain Business Council, making the event’s opening remarks, introducing Richard to the audience and giving attendees a snapshot into Richard’s impressive list of achievements and career so far.

Richard then gave some opening remarks on the importance of the trade relationship between China and the UK; the growth of this; important milestones met, and key challenges faced in the road ahead. He described his admiration for the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit displayed by UK companies working across China – from tech companies in South China, to cashmere producers working in the far West - as well as the efforts of DIT, CBBC, the British Embassy, Chamber of Commerce and other organisations in creating a united front in the promotion of the UK-China relationship, trade and mutual prosperity. He described how COVID-19 presents many challenges to international trade and the global economy, however also expressed hope that the UK can position itself to be a key part and trusted partner when it comes to China’s economic rebound.

Acting consultant to CBBC, Andrew Peaple, then took the opportunity to raise a number of questions to Richard, and the two discussed UK-China relations post COVID-19; how to navigate criticism of China amongst the UK press; the impact of tensions between the USA and China on the UK-China relationship; Huawei’s operations in the UK; opportunities for UK companies in China; the obstacles and challenges that British companies commonly encounter in China; and the future outlook for a Free Trade Agreement between China and the UK.

Following this discussion, a number of CBBC members had the opportunity to pose their questions to Richard, to which he provided expert advice and insights. 

The webinar concluded with an extension of thanks to Richard Burn for all his hard work and achievements during his time as HM Trade Commissioner for China. We wish him the best of luck in his new role and welcome his successor John Edwards to this critical role in UK-China trade and relations.

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