CBBC’s Attendance of the International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum and the International Association Chairman’s Forum


On 30th-31st May 2019, the China-Britain Business Council (“CBBC”) was invited to actively participate in the 10th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum (“IIICF”) in Macao, and, while there, was presented with an award for being an “Outstanding Contributor” by the China International Contractors Association (“CHINCA”), in recognition of its partnership with CHINCA.

5月30-31日,第十届国际基础设施投资与建设高峰论坛在澳门成功召开。5月30日下午的平行论坛国际商协会会长圆桌会上,CBBC中国CEO 鼎杰夫受邀主持了专家讨论并做了轮值秘书处工作总结。在5月30日大会晚宴上,CBBC获得CHINCA颁发的突出贡献单位奖。

On the afternoon of 30th May at the International Association Chairman’s Forum, a parallel event to the IIICF, CBBC China Managing Director, Jeff Astle, was invited to moderate a panel discussion between international associations from Belt and Road Initiative countries, before delivering a speech to summarise the progress of the “Joint Action Plan for Enhanced Cooperation on International Infrastructure Construction” (the “Joint Action Plan”), a key action point emanating from his role as the previous year’s Secretary for this Joint Action Plan, which is a rotating position. It was at the IIICF’s dinner reception and awards ceremony that CBBC received an “Outstanding Contributor” award from CHINCA.


CHINCA and the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (“IPIM”) co-host the IIICF, which this year marked its 10th anniversary, attracting attendees from 72 countries and regions, as well as more than 2,000 experts from the infrastructure sector worldwide, to attend and participate in the dialogue. With 56 minister-level government officials, more than 30 financial institutions, and over 110 senior managers from companies on the Engineering News-Record’s Top 250 International Contractors list, plus whole supply chain representatives from engineering equipment, international consulting, and service companies, the 10th IIICF was the most influential global infrastructure event to be held in 2019.

鼎杰夫受CHINCA 房秋晨会长邀请,再次参加了30日下午的国际商协会会长圆桌论坛并主持第二轮专家讨论。今年会长论坛由AIIB协办,重点讨论基础设施的可持续发展。亚洲基础设施投资银行高级采购顾问Ian Nightingale在介绍此议题时候,重点提到了联接,跨越瓶颈和经济提升。在讨论环节,各国会长纷纷回应了了各自在‘合作联合’上的挑战和景愿。 

For the second year running, Jeff Astle was invited by the Chairman of CHINCA, Mr Fang Qiucheng, to attend the International Association Chairman’s Forum. This year the forum was supported by the Asia International Infrastructure Bank (“AIIB”), and focused on measures to ensure the sustainability of infrastructure. AIIB Procurement Advisor Mr Ian Nightingale presented his views on this topic and emphasised the importance of connecting, removing bottlenecks, and supporting the economy, while during the accompanying panel discussion, many participants noted both the hopes and challenges that cooperation brings them.

CBBC China Managing Director, Jeff Astle, chaired a panel discussion on how international associations promote their member companies to invest in and construct high-quality and sustainable infrastructure, under the framework of the Joint Action Plan and in consideration of their individual situations

作为2018-2019年《国际基础设施合作共同行动计划》年度轮值秘书,JEFF做了工作总结,谈到了过去一年CBBC同CHINCA共同发布的CBBC 第四期一带一路报告。该报告已于2019年4月第二届一带一路峰会期间在北京正式发布,由英国财政部长见证。该报告能帮助加强现有的纽带并促进未来一带一路倡议中的新合作。新一年CBBC仍将继续和CHINCA密切联合,推动中英双方双边贸易和投资。JEFF也介绍了CBBC 新一年度在大湾区和城市更新的工作目标。

Jeff Astle gave a speech in his capacity as the previous year’s secretary of the Joint Action Plan, during which he detailed the main output of the previous year’s collaboration between CBBC and CHINCA, namely CBBC’s 4th BRI Report. This report was launched during the 2nd BRI Summit in Beijing in late April, in the presence of the UK’s Chancellor of the Exchequer, and helps to promote closer engagement in ways that can facilitate new BRI partnerships. He also explained how CBBC works to continuously promote two-way China-UK trade and investment, and introduced CBBC’s 2019 goal of a particular focus on the Greater Bay Area and urban renewal.

Jeff Astle speaking at the IIICF

Mr Fang Qiucheng, the Chairman of CHINCA, being presented with a copy of CBBC’s 4th BRI Report by Jeff Astle

在5月30日IIICF大会晚宴中,CHINCA 向40家单位和机构颁发了突出贡献纪念奖杯,以肯定这些机构在支持一带一路和CHINCA工作上的成就和支持。值得一提的是,只有8家国际机构获得此荣誉,CBBC,英国国际贸易部和欧洲国际承包商会联合会是仅有的3家西方机构代表。 

During the IIICF dinner reception on 30th May, CHINCA announced that CBBC was one of the recipients of its ”Outstanding Contributor” awards, which it gave to 40 organisations and companies in recognition of their achievements in relation to, and their support for, the BRI in the past few years, and also for the support they provide to CHINCA. Only eight international organisations have received this award, and only three of these are from western countries: CBBC, the Department for International Trade (“DIT”), and European International Contractors (“EIC”). 

Jeff Astle accepting the “Outstanding Contributor” award from CHINCA


On the afternoon of 31st May, DIT hosted the UK China Infrastructure Forum: Opportunities in East Asia Forum, which ran parallel to the IIICF, and where CBBC’s 4th BRI Report was also circulated to the guest speakers and audience. DIT Minister-Counsellor Mr Tom Duke chaired this event. 

Mr Tom Duke chairing the UK China Infrastructure Forum: Opportunities in East Asia Forum​