SME Membership


Our SME programme offers tailored support for small and medium sized businesses – with our annual SME Forum at its core – an event “for SMEs by SMEs” – a high profile platform enabling small and mid-sized companies to come together and share practical advice and support. Throughout the year there are smaller roundtables addressing practical issues like registering IP, managing a business in China and Cultural briefings on specific areas of business.  There is also a dedicated SME resource with guides and reports tailored to small businesses and a virtual SME Helpdesk to provide advice on the practicalities of doing business in China.



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Annual UK Membership Fee

Membership Guide Annual Turnover Annual Fee
Corporate Medium Between £7M - £40M £1,860+VAT
Corporate Small Tier 2 Between £2M - £7M £1,070+VAT
Corporate Small Tier 1 Less than £2m £500+VAT


How to Join




Don't hesitate to contact Cathy Liu or Summer Wang on the details below if you have any questions on membership.



   UK membership contact
   Cathy Liu   

   T: +44 (0)20 7802 2021


_MG_8900.jpg   China membership contact
   Summer Wang


   T: +86 (0)10 8525 1111 ext705