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Room 3307, Ping An Finance Centre, 1628 Zhongshan Avenue, Wuhan, Hubei, China 430014 武汉市江岸区中山大道1628号平安金融中心3307室 邮编

At a Glance

Population: 10.6 million ( Year 2015)

GPD: RMB 1.34 trillion (Year 2017)

GDP growth: 8% (Year 2017)


Key Facts
  • The capital of Hubei province
  • One of China’s key air, rail and water transportation hubs connecting North, South, East and West
  • A twin city of Manchester for more than 30 years
  • Britsh Consulate-General Wuhan in operation since 2016

Key Industries

  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Household appliances
  • ICT
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Iron and Steel

Opportunities for British Business’s

Current Local government projects and aims include:

  • The city is looking to boost its 'new energy' industry through the adoption of solar PV, biomass and wind power
  • The development of a city-wide e-healthcare system
  • Three new metro lines connecting suburban districts within the city
  • Construction of the Wuhan-Xi'an high-speed rail, a way of expanding Wuhan's status as a transportational hub in China.
  • Establishing China's biggest R&D and manufacturing base for rail carriages and rolling stock

Wuhan is one of the four provincial capital cities that have partnered in the UK-China Sustainable Cities Initiative. Working with MOFCOM and the local city authorities, the city has initiated a rolling programme of active project identification to develop opportunities for UK and Chinese companies to partner in delivering sustainable urban development and low-carbon solutions. These will cover diverse sectors including the built environment, mass transport and water/wastewater resource management.

Our Local Managers top 5 reasons to do business in Wuhan

  • Wuhan is currently experiencing fast track economic growth, as it undergoes instrumental infrastructure development
  • Centrally with Beijing in the north, Shanghai in the east, Guangzhou/Shenzhen in the south, Chongqing in the west all within 4 to 6 hours by high speed train
  • Well-educated human resources – 1.2 million university students
  • The city is strong in manufacturing and it's key sectors include ICT, automotive and auto-parts, photo-electronics, iron & steel, equipment manufacturing, food and tobacco, petrochemicals
  • Among tier 2 cities Wuhan has one of the strongest retail markets.


  • China Eastern offers a daily 15 hour flight from London to Wuhan through Shanghai
  • Wuhan is 6 hours from Shanghai, 5 hours from Beijing and 4 hours from Guangzhou by high speed train.
  • The city is served by a metro system with 3 lines and 78 stations

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