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At a Glance

Population: 11.9 million (Year 2016)

GPD: RMB 1.94 trillion (Year 2016)

GDP growth: 9% (Year 2016)

Key Facts

  • Home to China’s first Special Economic Zone, set up in 1980
  • The location of the Qianhai-Shekou Region, announced in 2015 as part of the Guangdong Free Trade Zone
  • Located at the west bank of Pearl River Delta (PRD), and next to Hong Kong
  • A young city - the average age of the city’s citizens was 32.5 in 2017
  • Year 2016: import value - 160.9 billion USD; export value - 237.5 billion USD;  the export value ranked the first in consecutive of 24 years among cities in mainland China
  • By 2016, 197 Fortune 500 companies invested in Shenzhen
  • The actual FDI in 2016 - 6.73 billion USD, up 3.65% than year 2015

Key Industries:                  

  • Hi-Tech industry
  • Financial services and modern service industry
  • Modern logistics
  • Creative and Culture
  • Emerging industries: Bio-technology, New energy, New materials, ICT    
  • Future industries: healthcare, marine, robotics, aerospace and aviation, smart equipment and the wearable device industry


  • Qianhai-Shekou Area of Shenzhen, China (Guangdong) Pilot Free Trade Zone
  • Intellectual Property Rights services   
  • Biomedical industry
  • ICT, hardware and maker
  • International education sources
  • Cultural and creative industries  
Our local manager’s Top 5 reasons to do business in Shenzhen
  • Well-developed market economy with open mind business culture and efficient government
  • Transportation hub in South China with well-developed infrastructure, close ties with Hong Kong,  
  • A city of 95% citizens are migrants, forming a mixed culture with openness.  
  • City of innovation, R & D investment accounted for 4% of the city’s GDP in 2014.
  • Low carbon green city, 869 public parks, 230 km coast line and green coverage is 45%   


  • Air China offers daily flights to Shenzhen from heathrow with a stop in Beijing
  • Shenzhen to Guangzhou takes jsut over an hour by high speed rail.

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