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At a Glance

Population: 9.2 million (Year 2016)

GPD: RMB100.1 billion (Year 2016)

GDP growth:

Key Facts

  • Leading marine technology centre of China - 30% of Chinese marine research institutes, 40% of researcher, 50% R&D projects of the country in marine sector, are located in Qingdao.
  • A major seaport - 7th largest in the world of 500million tons handling capacity and 18million TEU
  • Birthplace & Home of Tsingtao Beer
  • Top tourism city of China and one of the best livable cities in China - received 80million visitors in 2016.
  • One of the six Chinese cities under China-UK Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Work Group​

Key Industries

  • Household appliance & ICT
  • Petro & chemical
  • Textile & garment
  • Food & beverage
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Automotive & Locomotive
  • Marine and engineering
Booming industries:
  • Financial services & wealth management
  • Creative
  • Education
  • Cruise harbor
  • Bio-pharmaceuticals
  • Industrial robot

Key Business Locations in the city
Qingdao has four special economic zones

  • Qingdao Special Economic & Technological Development Area
  • Qingdao Free Trade Zone
  • Qingdao High-tech Industrial Zone
  • Qingdao International Economy Cooperation Zone
  • Specially—Sino-UK Innovation Park newly launched by China Ministry of Commerce in June 2017
  • Blue Silicon Valley, a R&D centre  for marine science and technology in the north of Qingdao is a hub for marine research and aims to support the growth of Qingdao’s blue economy.
  • The Qingdao west coast new area is being developed to serve as a base for deep-sea and offshore exploration. The government plans to have the area develop into an economic hub for Shandong province.
  • A new Airport is being built to the north of the city with a planned opening in 2018.
  • Qingdao has been given strategic importance as part of implementing One Belt One Road.
  • Sino-UK Innovation Park are a special programme and are under Ministry of Commerce with preferential policies to encourage mutual business opportunities between the city and UK.
Our Local Managers top reasons to do business in Qingdao
  1. Qingdao has been a special economic and technology development zone since 1984 and has many systems in place for taking advantage of foreign investment.
  2. Qingdao has major exports across a large number of sectors including Garment, electric and electronic products, machinery and equipment, textiles, footwear, metal products, aquatic products, chemicals.
  3. New sectors & industries boom created lot of opportunities for British businesses.
  • Air China has a daily 14hr flight to Qingdao with a stop in Beijing. A non stop line between Qingdao and London opened Oct 2017. Flights from Qingdao directly to Hongkong, Soul, Japan, Frankfurt etc.
  • Qingdao is 5 hours from Beijing by high speed rail. New railway is under construction to start using by Dec 2018, to short the time to Beijing into 2.5hrs and to Shanghai into 3.5hrs.
 Things to do in Qingdao
  • Lao shan, mountain with many Taoism temple complexes and scenic views.
  • Ba Da Guan. Historical mansion area with numerous examples of world class architecture.
  • Yacht mariner. Several for levels of sailing and leisure.