New and Updated

CBBC is delighted to announce the latest edition of the ‘China Business Handbook’.  The 2017/18 edition has been completely re-written to make it fully up to date with the fast-changing business environment in China. Now, more than ever, UK companies need to be up to speed on how to do business with China and this handbook is the most comprehensive and accessible document on the subject.

We hope that British businesses will find this updated edition to be an encyclopaedic collection of practical advice, produced by experts from the CBBC and our community of 1,000 member companies and other organisations.  It has four overarching headings that drill down into the key specifics necessary for success: the China Business Environment, Preparing to Trade with China, Incorporation and Growing a Business in China, and Protecting your Business Interests. 

We hope you will agree that the Handbook provides an excellent reference for any business looking to export to China for the first time, for anyone considering China market entry, as well as for multinationals as they expand operations within China or move to protect their business interests.  

Thank you to Sandander, CDNetworks and Koehler Group for their support of this publication.


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