China Business Culture Training

If you or your company wants to succeed in China, CBBC’s Business Culture Training Programme can help you maximise your potential by avoiding some of the common pitfalls when starting to work with China. Taking the time to understand some cultural differences can go a long way.

Be confident when doing business in China

China is often perceived as being a “difficult” market for a variety of reasons, with a different cultural approach often cited as one of the main areas of concern. Though difficult approaches exist, concentrating on the differences can make China appear unduly complex or superior.

The purpose of CBBC’s Chinese Business Culture Training is to provide trainees with an awareness of China and Chinese business culture, how these are often similar to our own, but where there are differences how to spot them and manage them appropriately. Trainees will learn about practical skills that can make business interactions with China more successful.

CBBC’s mix of UK and Chinese staff also make it well placed to identify and communicate cultural differences and pass on practical observations, strategies and straight forward tips.

This half-day training session will provide attendees with:
  • An increased understanding about China and the mind set of Chinese people
  • An increased understanding of Chinese culture and its influence on doing business
  • An increased confidence and effectiveness in communicating and maintaining relationships with Chinese partners
The sessions run from 09.00 – 12.00.
 ‘I found the session very informative and useful not only for the Chinese market but elsewhere too.'
– Bernhardt von Spreckelsen (Bernhardt von Spreckelsen)

'The presentation was a real eye opener, and will no doubt stand us in good stead when we go to China.'
– Jamie Sinai (Mayfair Gallery Ltd)

‘Very, very useful!  Lots to think about that is slightly alien to us.’
 – Emily Rash (London Metals Exchange)

Stewart Ferguson, Programme Coordinator
Stewart Ferguson is the Head of Research and Consultancy for the China-Britain Business Council. Stewart began learning Chinese at the age of 16 and after graduating from Durham University in Oriental Studies worked for both Hong Kong and Taiwan invested companies in the UK. Prior to joining CBBC, Stewart lived and worked in Guangzhou for 8 years where he was General Manager for a Taiwanese export orientated manufacturer. Stewart has an in-depth knowledge of both the opportunities and the issues UK companies may face when developing business in China. Located in Rugby, Stewart is Director for the Western Region covering the West Midlands, Wales and South West England, and Head of Advanced Manufacturing and Transport.

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