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Session 1: China Entry Strategy & Cross-Border E-commerce
Wednesday 11th November, 2:30-3:30 (BST)


The prospect of entering the China market for foreign brands can evoke mixed emotions – which are often a combination of excitement and anxiety. Where do I start? What channels are right for me? How can I approach the market with as little risk as possible? 

In this session we will work backwards from what brands ultimately wish to achieve and we will present the different methods and budgeting models that brands can use to enter the China market.

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Session 2 - Building Brand Credibility Online in China
Wednesday 18th November, 2:30-3:30pm (BST)

In this session, we will discuss how brands can build up their credibility and consumer base online in China: exploring the different platforms available and linking each channel to sales outlets, and providing information on what brands can expect.
This session will offer practical advice to UK brands on how they can build brand credibility online and win the hearts of Chinese consumers. The session will also dive into detail on topics including the importance of Key Opinion Leaders, e-commerce platform marketing, cross-brand collaboration, the importance of platform connectivity, as well as strategic advice on getting it right long-term.

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Session 3 - Engaging Consumers’ Emotions
Wednesday 25th November, 2:30-3:30pm (BST)

Do I change my brand for the China market or keep it the same? How can I ensure that my brand is being communicated correctly? What if I get it wrong and Chinese consumers lose trust in my brand? How can I test and validate branding concepts effectively before entering the market?
These are just a handful of questions that all brands ask themselves when looking at the China market.

In the third session of our series, we will explore the different factors that go into making decisions on choosing unique selling points, localisation and branding in relation to the China market.

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Session 4 - China’s New Normal: Transforming Commerce
Wednesday 2nd December, 2:30-3:30pm (BST)

In the final episode, we will consider the lasting impact of COVID-19 on China’s digital landscape and platforms, especially when it comes to commerce and the recent trends that have arisen.

Post COVID-19 e-commerce in China is in stark contrast to what it was at the end of last year. Consumption behaviour has evolved more dynamically than ever, with certain categories skyrocketing in growth, entirely new categories developing, with the elderly generation now more e-commerce savvy than ever and most significantly, a major shift in the consumer journey from path to purchase in the boom of China’s live streaming era.
In this unique session, insights will be shared on the current state of China’s digital landscape, trends in consumption, current and expected high-growth categories: whilst also providing UK brands with practical advice on how to effectively approach digital in a post COVID-19 China.

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