Start date: 23/06/2020 09:30

End date: 23/06/2020 10:30

Venue: Webinar

Address: Online

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How do International FMCG Brands Develop and Operate an E-Commerce Store in China? (Webinar)

CBBC Event

June 23
1. China E-commerce Market Overview
1.1 The Development of E-commerce in China
1.2 Data of Market Size
2. How FMCG Perform in E-commerce?
2.1 Data & Analysis: Highlights of food and cosmetics industry in e-commerce
2.2 Case Focus: 618 online shopping gala
3. Different Modes of E-commerce Platforms in China
3.1 Head Players: TMall, JD, Netease Kaola
3.2 Community Business: Red,Wechat, Tiktok (抖音)
3.3 Based on Evaluation: Daddylab (老爸评测), Niangao Mom (年糕妈妈)
4. Is your brand ready for an E-commerce store?
4.1 Preparation & Operation: Practical guide for international brands
4.2 Promotion & Advertising
5. Other suggestions
5.1 For New Entrants (how to develop, or find a partner)
5.2 For Existing Merchants (how to maintain/expand)

Hosted by: ChemLinked


Jocelyn Sun, Analyst, ChemLinked
Jocelyn Sun is a food regulatory and market affairs research analyst working at ChemLinked. She graduated from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) with a master's degree in marketing. Jocelyn has expertise in market and regulatory intelligence in China, especially for imported FMCG goods.