Start date: 29/04/2020 13:00

End date: 29/04/2020 14:30

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Webinar | China: Trademarks and E-commerce Amid COVID -19

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April 29
With COVID-19 affecting all aspects of life globally, what is the impact on operations within companies throughout China? In terms of IP protection, what is the current status of the trademark protection system in China – what changes have been made to application timelines and procedures, particularly following the 4th amendment Trademark Law? 

Whilst the issue of bad faith actors - particularly in the e-commerce space - continues to create barriers for international brands entering the China market; changes in consumers’ behaviours also bring new challenges. Which new measures are here to stay? What approach or tools can you adopt to tackle trademark squatters and online counterfeiters? 

Join us to find out with this webinar with veteran lawyers, Gloria Wu, Brandy Baker and Luna Zhang from Kangxin Partners, who will share their insights on the current evolving situation and provide practical advice on how to best protect your brand in China. 

当下新型冠状病毒全球肆虐,在华经营的企业现状如何?中国的商标保护体系是否因此而受到影响?继中国《商标法》第四次修改之后,商标保护在实践中是否有所变化?在电子商务爆发式增长的背景之下,商标的恶意抢注成为很多国际品牌进入中国市场的阻碍。中国消费者行为习惯的不断变化,也对品牌保护提出了新的挑战。 为此,英中贸易协会联合康信, 邀请三位知识产权资深律师,分享中国商标保护的现状,并就恶意抢注、线上侵权等相关问题提供专业建议,以帮助国际品牌在中国进行知识产权保护和维权。

Time: 13:00-14:30 BST / 20:00-21:30 CST/ 8:00-9:00 EST
Language: English
Where: ZOOM webinar, the live link will be shared via email after completing registration.

Webinar Agenda

Opening Remarks by Yuan Yuan, Business Environment Director, CBBC

Introduction and overview by Brandy Baker, Trademark Attorney, Kangxin Partners

Changes and challenges for trademark protection in China amid COVID-19, by Gloria Wu, Partner, Kangxin Partners

Solutions powered by new technology for trademark protection in China, by Luna Zhang, Senior Consultant, Kangxin Partners



Brandy Baker is a licensed US attorney and foreign counsel at Kangxin. Brandy has worked in China and greater Asia for over 10 years helping brand owners navigate the often market landscape. In understanding the goals and expectations of American and European companies, she works on creating strategies that fit the needs of stakeholders while working within the framework of best practices specific to China.

Gloria Wu is the head of Kangxin’s trademark department and heads up the AI trademark search project and online platform. Gloria has 15 years of trademark practice, representing major brands like Dior, Bvlgari, Tsingtao Beer, Hyundai, etc. from administrative actions to litigation and attacking issues such as bad faith and well known trademark status. 

Luna Zhang is a trademark attorney who holds an MBA and LLM degree from France. She has 14 years of experience guiding small to Fortune 500 companies, in utilizing global IP data to develop ideal strategies for protection in China and abroad. 

About Kangxin Partners

Kangxin Partners, P.C. is a full service IP firm established in 1994, having grown into one of the biggest IP firms in China. Being ahead of the curve in addition to offering traditional offline IP and legal services, the firm has adopted new technologies, which gives way to a variety of online services which seamlessly integrate with the traditional services, disposing of a lot of the inefficiencies of the past.  

About CBBC IP Services

CBBC initiated its IP services in 2014 and has set up a dedicated IP Team to support British companies with their IP enquiries and protection in China. In strong collaboration with the Intellectual Property Office and with support from the Prosperity Fund China Business Environment Programme led by the British Embassy Beijing,  CBBC has been working with Chinese partners and developed a strong presence in the field of online protection, offline enforcement, cross-border protection, as well as IP legislations and policies research, which ultimately aim to support the communications and cooperation between UK and China, to improve the business environment underpinned by legal and regulatory certainty and transparency so that to build a dynamic and sustainable economy.

For more information, please contact: 

Yuan Yuan
Business Environment & Policy Analysis

China-Britain Business Council (CBBC)