Start date: 12/11/2019 09:00

End date: 12/11/2019 10:00

Venue: Online


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Crayfish Webinar: The current trends & business opportunities in the EdTech industry in China

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November 12
In recent years, the educational technology industry in China has been growing rapidly. In fact, with compelling investments and funds flowing into the sector, China has become the world’s largest EdTech market.
Government support, technological progress and cultural emphasis on education have created a huge complex education technology ecosystem in China, which involves listed education companies, large technology companies and new start-ups (for example: New Oriental, TAL, Baidu, TenCent, VIPKID and squirrel AI).

Overall, this webinar will provide some insight into the EdTech innovation in China, including the school system and culture, drivers for growth, investment and policy environment, etc. We will also be discussing the development trends and collaboration opportunities in the EdTech industry between the East and the West.

  1. An introduction about the Chinese EdTech ecosystem
  2. The current trends, investment and development of AI ed in China
  3. The pros and cons of doing business in the EdTech industry
  4. How to overcome possible challenges and to explore business opportunities in the EdTech sector in China.