Start date: 14/11/2018 09:00

End date: 15/11/2018 17:00

Venue: China National Convention Center

Open for: All

Address: China National Convention Center, Beijing

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UK-China Innovation Forum (Beijing)

CBBC Event

November 14
The UK-China Innovation Forum was set up by the Joint UK-China Strategy for Science, Technology, and Innovation Cooperation signed by UK and Chinese government ministers during the People-to-People dialogue in 2017. This forum will be held during the China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Convention and will explore and promote the potential for UK-China technology and innovation collaboration. The China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Convention is supported by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology and the Beijing Municipal Government, and will be organised by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission.
The UK-China Innovation Forum will include:
  • Workshops to discuss best practices for UK technology transfer, the UK-China innovation ecosystem, how the UK and Chinese governments can support innovation, and the IP environment in China;
  • UK project/company pitching and business matchmaking sessions, which will focus on the medical technology and ICT industries; interested participants will have the opportunity to meet Chinese industry players and potential investors.
The following key guests will attend the China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Convention:
  • Mr Zhigang Wang (Chinese Minister of Science and Technology);
  • Mr Jining Chen (Mayor of Beijing);
  • Mr Jeff Astle (Managing Director, China-Britain Business Council);
  • Mr Sean Fielding (Chairman, PraxisAuril);
  • Mr Youngsuk Chi (Director, RELX Corporate Affairs; Chairman, Elsevier);
  • Ms Nessa Carey (Co-Founder, TrustTech Group);
  • Mr Tom Hockaday (Former Director of International Technology Transfer, University of Oxford);
  • Ms Sue Sunstrom (President, PraxisAuril).
Please note: the above list of attendees is provisional and may therefore be subject  to change.
You are invited to:
  • Attend the UK-China Innovation Forum, the China (Beijing) International Technology Transfer Convention, and the workshops;
  • Register with the China-Britain Business Council (“CBBC”) to present your company’s products and participate in the project/company pitching and business matchmaking (please register by 2nd November 2018).
For companies that will speak at the UK-China Innovation Forum, the Beijing Municipal Government will cover the cost of two nights at a Beijing hotel for up to eight delegates.
For more information, please contact Ms Yu Lin (Assistant Director of Innovation and Technology, CBBC):
To register your interest, please contact Mr Charlie Zeng (Assistant Director, China Outbound, CBBC) by 6th November 2018: