Start date: 22/06/2017 09:00

End date: 22/06/2017 17:30

Venue: Cocoon Networks

Costs: General ticket: £120, CBBC Members: £40 (+ Booking Fees + VAT)

Open for: All welcome

Address: Cocoon Networks 4 Christopher St London EC2A 2BS

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Maximizing your brand power with Sina Weibo (London)

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June 22

Please note the event venue has changed to Cocoon Networks, 4 Christopher St, London EC2A 2BS

Maximizing your brand power with Sina Weibo - A One day hands on course covering the full scope of Weibo marketing

Event Details:
Date: 22nd June, 2017
Time: 9:30 am – 17:30 pm
Location: China-Britain Business Council 
Address: 3rd Floor, Portland House, Bressenden Place, London SW1E 5BH

Rates and Registration
General ticket: £120 (+ Booking Fees + VAT)
CBBC Members: £40 (+ Booking Fees + VAT)

Who should attend?
This training session is designed for brands, retailers, B2B business, educators and anyone interested in understanding how to reach the largest online audience in the world through Sina Weibo. 

Why attend?
There are currently 731 million Chinese Internet users and over 340 million monthly active Weibo users. There has never been a better time to reach out to Chinese consumers through online channels to boost your brand awareness and exposure.

This is a significant opportunity for businesses and marketers to: 

  • Understand the dynamics of social referral in China
  • Utilize this knowledge to switch from social engagement to social conversion.
  • Keep up with the fast-changing digital landscape in China
  • Understand how Sina Weibo can be a good marketing tool, designed for non-Chinese & Chinese marketers looking to make sense of the world's largest consumer market.

Sign in to the event now to:

  • Access to the latest Sina Weibo data and trends and discover users’ behaviour dynamics 
  • Obtain a macro view of how Sina Weibo can help you gain competitive advantages in China
  • Gain insights on how to best conduct social media campaigns in China through Sina Weibo 
  • Learn comprehensive Weibo marketing skills to boost your online presence and increase social conversion


About Weibo (Sina Weibo) – China’s most popular micro-blogging platform
Weibo, short for Microblog, Sina Weibo, is one of the top social networking websites in China; it was launched by Sina Corporation in 2009.

Users can perform live broadcasting, buy and sell products, start polls, play games, upload short videos, and make money via advertisements, paid posting, monetary rewards by other users, and paid subscriptions.

Weibo users follow celebrities, lifestyle news, media news, influencers (KOLs), official accounts and e-commerce accounts to gain daily news and focused information.

Weibo offers a wide range of advertising solutions for clients with any budget, ranging through large companies to SMEs and individuals enabling brands and organizations to build up their online community, promote their brands, products and services to target audiences based on geographic, social relationships and interests, in order to achieve greater relevance, engagement and marketing effectiveness.

Weibo marketing experts from their China team will tell real stories about China’s challenging social media ecosystem. They will also provide a guide to brands, companies and institutions wanting increase awareness and sell online with social media tools and Influencers. 

Provisional Agenda
09:00 Registration 
09:30 China’s Digital Landscape, E-commerce & Opportunities for UK Brands (30 mins)
10:00 Reasons why your Chinese Marketing Plan needs to Include Sina Weibo (30  mins)
10:30 How to leverage Weibo data insights to better understand the new generation of Chinese consumers  (45 mis)  
11:15 KOL’s experience (15 mins)
11:30 Best Practices for Interactive Communication under China’s internet celebrities economy (1 hour) 
12:30 Lunch break and networking 
13:30 Comprehensive Weibo marketing skills to boost your online presence and social conversion (1 hour) 
14:30 Case study and discussion – GLAMGLOW (20 mins)
14:50 Case study and discussion – Look fantastic  (20 mins)
15:10 Group interaction and Q&A
17:30 End 

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Mark Hedley
Senior Advisor, China-Britain Business Council (UK)


China-Britain Business Council (CBBC) is the leading organisation assisting UK companies to grow and develop their business in China.

Mark is the China Business Adviser for London for London & the South East region, and UK sector Director for ICT & E-Commerce. He provides strategic and tactical advice and support for UK companies of all sizes looking to enter the China market.

Also leading on CBBC's programme of events and supports for SMEs across all sectors looking to enter the Chinese market. He works closely with strategic partners, including UK Trade and Investment (UKTI), industry associations, local chamber networks, Chinese government organisations and private investors, to identify trade and investment opportunities to and from China. 


Lisa Wang
Director of Weibo Business School, Sina Weibo (China)


Lisa specialises in corporate brand communication, public relations and new media marketing. Her professional history includes marketing director, PR director and senior marketing consultant in a number of well-known companies.
She is the founder of Sina Weibo Business School, which provides professional training for business and government. Lisa provides Weibo marketing training and strategic marketing guidance for thousands of local Chinese and oversea businesses, contributing to Sina Weibo commercial value of over one billion dollars.
Sina Weibo Business School (SWBS) is an official organisation founded by Sina Corporation. It offers governmental departments, corporations and individuals professional training on approaches to brand communication and online marketing in a more effective and efficient way.


Yunjie Ti
Director of Sina Weibo Marketing Solution, Sina Weibo (China)


Yun Jie ‘s professional background experiences include 5 years Sina Weibo corporate account management and product operation. She gained practical experiences for Weibo marketing by participating in Weibo communication projects for many brands and SMEs.
For the past two years, she has been responsible for Weibo operation in specific industries, focusing on building an industrial content ecology and enhancing client marketing efficiency.


Ming Ruan
Senior Manager of Sina Weibo Marketing Solution, Sina Weibo (China)


Ming is a foremost social media marketing practitioner, experienced in marketing models. His professional history includes New Media marketing for a number of major institutes from different industries.

Ming is currently working in Sina Weibo commercial products department, responsible for Weibo vertical operation and commercialisation for key industries.