Traditional routes to market for brands in China are changing fast, and cross-border E-commerce presents an excellent opportunity for British brands to capitalise on the China opportunity and engage with online trends, such as social commerce. With 48 million Chinese users and a market value of £220 billion last year, having an effective brand presence across China’s social platforms is key to driving the next phase of growth.

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Now more than ever before, it is critical to have an in-depth understanding of China’s increasingly sophisticated consumers and market segments. Whether you are new to China or experienced in doing business in the market, the rapidly evolving Chinese business and political environment presents significant opportunities and potential. For this reason CBBC has developed China Gateway to support British companies of all sizes and across multiple sectors to de-risk and demystify the process of doing business with China.​ 
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Qualitative market research can be an effective method of measuring consumer purchasing and consumption behaviour. CBBC’s Consumer Survey service can help you to gain insight into how your product is received in China, with the opportunity to reach out to 1,000 respondents from your chosen demographic. CBBC can formulate a questionnaire tailored to measuring your required variables, including consumer purchasing motivation, frequency and occasion, frequency of usage, product information distribution channels, and other elements of consumer purchasing behaviour. 
If your consumer research would benefit from respondents being able to interact with your product, CBBC’s Focus Group service can help. These sessions are moderated by a CBBC representative and can be an effective way to gain insight into Chinese consumers’ natural reaction to your product. 
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