Whilst China’s consumers value digital integration and the convenience of e-commerce, there are products that are more likely to shine through interactive, offline engagement. Brand credibility and experience are both important purchasing factors in the eyes of the discerning Chinese consumer - 69% prefer to shop with brands who offer an omni-channel market presence. In order to make the most of the China opportunity, enabling your consumers to experience your brand in person is essential.


CBBC's unique Great British Brands Festival (GBBF) series focuses on giving UK brands the opportunity to sell their products directly to Chinese consumers, helping British retailers to establish a strong base in fast-emerging consumer markets in every corner of China. For over 5 years we have organised high-profile UK-themed sales exhibitions through partnerships with Chinese government bodies and the best shopping malls across China.
Read about last year’s event on our WeChat post here.
If you would like to know more about how to participate in any future brand festivals, please email CBBC’s Retail Sector Director Demi Ping at Demi.Ping@cbbc.org.cn 

CBBC’s Heritage Brand Workshops present the perfect opportunity for UK companies to deliver their own tailored product experiences to their target market in China. These bespoke sessions will serve as employee benefit workshops to CBBC’s extensive partner network in China, giving you the opportunity to present your product to a defined group of targeted consumers - generating both brand awareness through word of mouth recommendations and gaining valuable feedback on how your product is received on the ground in China. 

“Bringing a true brand experience to our consumers and collecting the resulting insights is an important part of our strategy for China. CBBC has supported us in various ways on our journey in China, one of which was by making introductions to a large bank in Shanghai to provide well-being and team-building tea tasting workshops for their employees. Importantly, CBBC had the networks to connect us to the right team within the bank, such that within just a few weeks our masterclass programme was up and running, with great success.”

- Lexie Morris, General Manager - China, Whittard of Chelsea


With over 70% share of China’s mobile users accessing social media platforms, and over 1 billion daily active users, having a presence on WeChat is crucial for brands to build their online reach in China. CBBC’s WeChat promotional post service provides a platform to expose your brand to our extensive network of China partners and WeChat following. 
See an example of a CBBC WeChat retail promotional post here.
If you like to know more information about our Heritage Brand Workshops or WeChat Promotion services, please email CBBC’s Assistant Director for Consumer and Creative Industries, Mei Chu at Mei.Chu@cbbc.org.cn

CBBC’s UK Super Brand Day service is an organised PGC campaign (Professionally Generated Content) event which presents a great opportunity for brands already operating on Tmall or Tmall Global who are looking to leverage the power of Chinese social commerce. 
The event will take place across a three-day period, with opportunities for brands to market their products on multiple Chinese e-commerce platforms, including WeChat and Taobao, with access to a celebrity Chinese KOL’s Taobao Live Stream platform, with upwards of 600,000 followers and over 1 million views in a given live session. 
Through CBBC’s extensive China network, participating brands can have up to six different products featured on a celebrity KOL’s Taobao live stream. These may also be shared with KOL fan’s participating in the live stream on the day. It has never been easier to accelerate your brand exposure.
The next UK Super Brand Day will run on the following dates:

  • 25th May - day for marketing your product
  • 31st May – promotion and live-streaming sales on WeChat
  • 1st June – promotion and live-streaming sales on Celebrity Jijie’s Taobao live-streaming

Should you like to know more information about our Brand Streaming service, please email CBBC’s Retail Sector Director Demi Ping at Demi.Ping@cbbc.org.cn 


For companies that seek a full-time representative on the ground in China, CBBC Launchpad remains an accessible option and can be a stepping-stone: allowing a firm to test or prove the market in order to justify the incorporation of a full-service company. 
Learn about companies’ experience with Launchpad here. 
Click here for more information about Launchpad.


China Navigator gives companies access to CBBC’s team of sector and regional specialists on a retainer basis - enabling you to conduct essential in-market business activity during this period of unprecedented disruption to international trade – quickly and at low cost.  

We recognise that businesses have different needs, requirements and pressure points – particular during this period of economic uncertainty. China Navigator therefore provides the utmost flexibility and stability – enabling you to work with CBBC to develop practical and affordable solutions that can drive immediate ROI. 

If you like to know more information about our Launchpad and China Navigator Services, please email CBBC’s Head of Consumer economy, Antoaneta Becker at Antoaneta.Becker@cbbc.org