China is the world’s largest e-commerce market with sales projected to hit £1.2 trillion in 2020, more than double those projected in the US. According to official Chinese government figures online sales grew at a staggering 23.9% in 2018. This is thanks to China’s over 800 million internet users - more than the EU and the US combined - who access the internet predominantly via their mobile phones (98% of China’s online audience).

Although the process of reaching digital consumers in China can be a multifaceted and complex one, Chinese consumers remain the largest consumers of luxury goods worldwide and therefore cannot be overlooked by foreign businesses in pursuit of the largest online retail market in the world.


Our Directory aims to assist you on your digital journey in China: highlighting the specific services that our Digital marketing, e-commerce and logistics partners are able to offer your business. It will also be updated and developed on a regular basis to accommodate our members' ever-changing digital needs. 


CBBC’s digital service focused webinar series: China’s Digital Consumer 2020 is designed to demystify digital China for UK companies, offering insights on how brands can successfully navigate China’s e-commerce ecosystem and maximise on this year’s digital trends. Featuring speakers who specialise in China digital services, this series will approach the China market from both commercial and marketing perspectives, in the context of relevant industry sectors. Catch up on our previous webinars in the series on CBBC’s YouTube channel, and discover our China’s Digital Consumer 2020 Webinar Insights here.

If you like to know more information on, or would like to be featured in CBBC’s Digital Directory and China’s Digital Consumer Webinar Series, please email CBBC’s Service Delivery Executive, Maxime Renfrew at Maxime.Renfrew@cbbc.org

In strong collaboration with the British Embassy, Intellectual Property Office and British companies, CBBC initiated its IP services in 2014 and has developed a strong presence in the field with dozens of activities helping British companies protect their IP in China, including
• 17 roundtables with Alibaba
• 10 roundtables with WeChat
• 7 roundtables with JD.com
The work developed has helped British companies protect millions of pounds worth of IP in China.
CBBC IP support programme includes but it is not limited to:

  • Legal service providers referral         
  • Cooperation with E-commerce Platforms: CBBC has established cooperation with major Chinese e-commerce (Alibaba, JD.com, Pinduoduo, Xiaohongshu etc.) and social media platforms (WeChat) to help UK rights owners fight against counterfeits on the platforms. We have launched IP initiatives with these platforms such as test purchase, proactive monitoring and offline enforcement to support UK brands to protect their IP in China. If you have IP concerns for your brand in China, we are happy to make the introductions the the IP contacts of these platforms.
  • Customs IP Cooperation:  CBBC has worked with major Chinese Customs (General Administration of Customs PRC(GACC), Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Shantou, Yiwu etc.) to fight and prevent IP infringement products being exported from China. We also coordinate UK brands to join local Chinese Customs’ IP training sessions every year to educate frontline Customs officers about how to identify counterfeits at ports.
  • Branding Opportunities

If you would like to find out more about our IP Support and Branding programme please e-mail the relevant sector lead for retail, creative industries or food and drink.

Marketing British brands to China, with Demi Ping of the China-Britain Business Council

Demi Ping, sector head for retail and ecommerce at the China-Britain Business Council (CBBC), shares how it helps British brands of all sizes and industries succeed in China and some of the key marketing tactics that CBBC has been leveraging this year to help brands stay afloat through COVID-19.

While Demi and CBBC obviously focus on British brands, her insights are highly relevant for any foreign brands looking to tap into the market in China.