The value of China’s consumer economy makes it an opportunity not to be missed. Last year, retail sales reached £4.8 billion – a quarter of which (£1.24 billion) was accounted for by online retail. China’s online retail market alone is worth more than the next 10 largest online markets combined. Online shopping has made unique, niche and foreign brands accessible to Chinese consumers across all city tier classifications: for example, 70% of Tmall transactions made by under 25s during the 618 shopping festival were from low tier cities.
Ever wondered exactly what your own brand sales are on Tmall, JD, or Kaola, but your distributor isn’t providing data breakdowns? Want to know your competitor’s performance, and which SKUs are selling fastest?

CBBC is now offering an e-commerce data services. This report, available to both CBBC corporate members and non-members gives consumer-facing brands an opportunity to understand the real sales figures of their brand, or competitor brands, through leading Chinese e-commerce platforms.

The service covers all major e-commerce platforms, including Tmall and Tmall Global, JD and JD Worldwide, and Kaola. This service would benefit any company who wants to get a true picture of their e-commerce sales for a particular storefront on Chinese e-commerce – this could be any brand, research agencies, distributors, or other third parties.

If you want to gain access to accurate sales data for competitor brands’ flagship stores; what your most successful re-seller stores are doing; or if you want to know exactly what your distributor is doing through your brand’s e-commerce flagships - then this is an affordable and reliable service that’s right for you. 

Some examples of data reports CBBC can generate include:

  • 12 months’ data from individual stores (one hyperlink), broken down by the volume and value of sales per month
  • Rolling quarterly updates from individual stores to monitor competitor sales and allow easy benchmarking
  • Category reports, showing top selling SKUs in a particular market segment or category over the past 12 months
  • Sales for your own storefront, broken down by SKU, to give you a true picture of what sold and when 

Digital Audit

Gain insight into your digital footprint in China! 

CBBC can provide a tailored overview of your brand’s digital presence in China, from distribution channels to social media posts, official website, vertical apps, media coverage by PR partners, and search engine results. This service includes recommendations on how to improve branding strategy in order to better communicate with Chinese consumers, and advice about where to seek further support. 

This service is suitable for consumer brands from all sectors with existing exposure or sales in China and can provide useful analysis of the impact of a recent market visit or trade show, or likewise help to explain a sales spike in your China market.  

“Before we commissioned the CBBC Digital Audit, we knew little about what Chinese consumers were saying about us. The report gave us some really useful insight into our existing brand presence and some concrete next steps to help us capitalise on our existing exposure and continue to grow in market.”
Antony Wilson, International Sales Director, Dartington Crystal 

If you like to know more information about CBBC’s E-Analytics and Digital Audit Services, please email CBBC’s Head of Consumer economy, Antoaneta Becker at
As the Chinese consumer market is slowly recovering from the impact of the COVID-19 lockdown, demands from food and drink importers for new products are also picking up, especially in the health food, children’s snacks, frozen and instant food segments, but also novelty fun products with wellness properties. In order to help UK food and drink businesses expand their exports to China during this challenging period, CBBC is organising a virtual meet-the-China-buyers programme in July 2020. 
Through participating in this virtual trade mission, brands can identify and create relationships with potential Chinese buyers before coming to China for SIAL in September and/or FHC in November. 

  • Wednesday, 15th July 2020
  • Time: 8.00am -12.00pm UK GMT
  • No. of participating brands: 15
  • Guaranteed meetings for each brand: 5
  • Duration of each meeting: 30 min
  • Categories: snacks, dairy, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks
  • Platform: Meeting Mojo

CBBC will recruit Chinese buyers that best match the categories of the participating UK food and drink brands. In one morning, participating brands will be guaranteed to have five 30-minute meetings with the buyers. The meetings will be conducted on Meeting Mojo. CBBC will aim to recruit buyers that are fluent in English. CBBC staff can support with communication if and where needed. CBBC will also assist in follow-ups with the buyers afterwards.
Companies wishing to participate should complete the attached form here and send this to CBBC’s Food and Drink sector lead in the UK, Antoaneta Becker at: We will send you a secure online payment link upon receiving the completed form.