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Room 901, Tower 2, Shenyang City Plaza, No.206 Nanjing North Street, Heping District, Shenyang 110001

英中贸易协会沈阳代表处, 沈阳市和平区, 南京北街206 号, 沈阳城市广场D 座901 室, 邮编 110001




Shenyan City Guide[PDF]

Shenyang At a Glance


  • Population(2013): 8.26
  • GDP(2013): CNY 715.9 billion, USD 116 billion, GBP 74 billion
  • GDP growth(2013): 8.3% 
  • Shenyang acts as the centre for the Liaoning Central city group, comprised of 7 cities within 150km surrounding Shenyang containing a total 24 million people.
  • Shenyang is a long-standing renowned industrial base covering 165 industrial categories.
  • The city has 44 universities/colleges and 28 national level R&D centers and laboratories.

Key Industries

Opportunities for British Business’s

Recent specific opportunities for British business’s have included:

  • A Shenyang based corrosion control technology company is looking for a UK partner experienced in material corrosion monitoring.
  • A Shenyang based kindergarten would like to cooperate with a UK partner.
  • A Shenyang based corrosion control technology company is looking for UK partner experienced in sensor and data transmission technology.
  • There is a health treating company in Shenyang who would like to introduce UK advanced immunity tester to test their client’s health conditions.
  • There is rich resource of magnesium in Anshan city of Liaoning province. There are several magnesium processing companies in Anshan but they lack of advanced magnesium processing technologies. They would like to introduce UK advanced magnesium processing technologies to update their current technologies.



  • Air China offers a, 15 hour, flight from London to Shenyang through Beijing every other day.
  • Shenyang is serviced by a modern logistics system with high-speed train routes to other major cities, an international airport, and an advanced public transport system including a subway that opened in 2010
  • Beijing is 1.5 Hours from Shenyang by plane and 5 hours by high speed train
  • You can easily travel to other cities in Northeast China such as Dalian, Changchun, Harbin within 2 hours by high speed train.     

Time off?

Our local managers 5 top reasons to do business in Shenyang

  • Shenyang is a heavy industry base with complementary industry clusters
  • The city offers intact logistic/supply chain with convenient transportation
  • Qualified labor force and management team as well as advanced vocational training base
  • There are good incentives for land purchase and plant rental
  • Good living conditions with international schools/good hospitals/accommodation

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