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Guangzhou City Guide[PDF]

Guangzhou at a glance Guangzhou_South_Railway_Station_3F_East_Concourse-(4).jpg

  • Population(2014):  25 million metro 14 million sub-provincial city
  • GDP(2014): RMB 1.67 trillion, USD 252 billion, GBP 162 billion
  • GDP growth(2014): 8.6% 
  • Guangzhou is located at the head of the Pearl river to the north of Shenzhen and Hong Kong and is a crucial trading port for the region.
  • Guangzhou is currently undergoing a merger with the nearby city of Foshan to form a urban conglomeration with a population greater than 20 million.
  • Guangdong, the province of which Guangzhou is the capital, is the richest area in China with a well-developed manufacturing base.
  • The Canton(China import and export) fair held in the city since 1957 is the largest trade fair in China and is co-hosted by the Ministry of Commerce of China. The fair currently runs three sessions a year.

Key Industries 

Key Business Locations in the city

Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, begun in 1984 is focussed on a fewkey sectors: food and beverage, electrical machinery and equipment and metal working

Guangzhou Science City, located near the centre of the city the Guangzhou government is hoping to develop the science city as a key destination for Information Technology R&D.

Guangzhou Free Trade Zone, founded in 1992 is located near to Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone and Guangzhou Baiyun Airport the focus of the zone is the promotion of international trade.


Guangzhou station renovation project, Guangzhou-Shantou Railway and Shenzhen-Maoming Railway will be completed and put into use in 2016, 2018 and 2019 respectively

The local government has large plans to expand the cities metro system, achieving a length of 500 km with 15 lines by 2020

A total of 177 urban road construction projects

The continuing development of the Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center a higher education development area with accommodating for 400,000 people.



  • Guangzhou is serviced by Baiyun international airport.
  • China Southern Airlines runs a daily non-stop flight from London to Guangzhou
  • Guangzhou is 7 hours from Shanghai by train.
  • Chongqing is served by a metro system which currently has 9 lines with another four under construction.

 Things to do in Guangzhou

Our Local Managers top 5 reasons to do business in Guangzhou

  1. Guangzhou has the highest growth rate of the tier 1 cities including Beijing and Shanghai.
  2. Guangzhou is the nexus of the Pearl River delta economic zone the largest urban area in the world and the most dynamic economic area in China.
  3. The current integration with Foshan to build the Guang-Fo metropolitan area will offer numerous opportunities in infrastructure, systems and professional services deployment.
  4. Guangzhou has a developed consumer market with a taste for Western products.
  5. Guangzhou’s proximity to Hong Kong makes it ideal for companies that already have operations there. 

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